Tube Feeders Inc.

Automatic Tube Loader

Automatic Tube Loaders (ATLs) receive electronic components from an input track and load the components into extruded plastic tubes.

The loaders hold a stack of empty tubes, inclined at an angle normally of 30 degrees. Components are metered by a singulator mechanism and slide by gravity into the bottom tube of the stack, one at a time. The components are guided into the tube by a precision machined track. When the tube is full, it is transferred out of the empty tube stack, the next tube in the stack take its place in the loading position, and loading continues.

Key Benefits

  • The loader can accommodate a tube stack twelve inches high. Empty tubes can be added to the top of the stack at any time.
  • A cycle time of approximately ¾ seconds is achievable and if a component singulator is used the cycle time is not affected by the tube indexing cycle.
  • The ATL is well suited for medium to high volume applications.
  • The ATL’s are complimentary to our Stacked Tube Feeders, which can be used to feed components from tubes and into a processing machine.  In-line processes such as symbolization, inspection, lead forming, lead trimming, testing and programming are ideal applications.
  • With the "Quick Change" Automatic Tube Loader, the loader can be converted to load a different component package and a different tube in only a few minutes.