Tube Feeders Inc.

Horizontal Stacked Tube Feeder


The Horizontal Stacked Tube Feeders (HTFs)are high volume, high speed component feeding systems. The HTF feeds components such as connectors, relays, coils, power transistors, and other odd form components packaged in plastic extruded magazines/tubes to robotic cells and flexible placement machines. Tubes of components are stacked in the feeder’s tube handling hopper.  A “pusher” tape pushes components from the bottom tube and onto a track leading to the pick point.  Whenever a component is picked, the pusher tape advances the column of components until the lead component is in the pick position.  Since the components only have to be pushed the length of a component, the cycle time is very short.  Whenever the bottom tube is empty, the tape retracts, the empty tube falls from the feeder, and feeding resumes from the next tube.  The feeder can handle components from 6mm to 60mm wide and from 6mm to 44.5mm tall.

Motor Drive:

Stepping Motor Drive provides a smooth, gentle drive that can be programmed to provide a precise push speed appropriate to the components being fed and maintain the quick retraction for tube exchange.

Operator Interface:

Intuitive, informative Touch Screen Display panel provides all control functions for the operator and complete troubleshooting functions for maintenance or machine repair.

Pusher Tape:

The Pusher Tape now has “infinite” life: 24/7 testing of the new Pusher Tape and attachment system for one year did not produce a failure. Thus far no tape failures have been reported from customers using this system.

Optional Features:

Optional features can be added upon request to meet the needs and convenience of the customer:

  • Convertibility of Tracks for compatible components in tubes of the same length
  • Track Air Jets for continuous feeding during the tube eject sequence
  • Component lift at pick point
  • Component rotation at pick point