Tube Feeders Inc.

Horizontal Tube Feeder for Fuji



Application Models: All placement machines with IP or NXT type feeder interface
Maximum Component Size*: L - from 2mm up
                                            W - from 5mm to 53mm
                                             H - from 5mm to 45mmMaximum Stack Size*: Height - up to 410mm
Air Connection: Quick disconnect plugs in Fuji air port on IP. Connected to NXT               or AIM manifold or externally plumbed.          Electrical Connection: Feeder cable plugs into Fuji feeder power port on IP                       interface. On NXT and AIM, mounting and latching the                        feeder on the feeder table automatically connects power and                        communication.Mounting Width: 89mm (requires 5 feeder pitches)
* For standard equipment, special capabilities available upon request