Tube Feeders Inc.

Manual Stack Tube Feeder

The Manual Stacked Tube Feeder ( MSTF) dispenses components to an operator one component at a time, for manual board assembly. Components are fed out of the bottom tube of a stack of tubes. When the tube is empty, the operator pushes a lever, the empty tube is dropped from the feeder, and feeding continues from the next full tube. 

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • Dispenses components directly from their shipping tubes, protecting the components until used.
  • Productivity is enhanced because the components are presented to the operator at the pick point alredy oriented and at a fixed location.
  • The narrow space-saving design of the feeder, plus the capacity of stacked tubes, provide a large on-line quantity of each part number within a small linear space.
  • Your investment in feeders is protected from obsolescence. Whenever your product design changes or new products are developed, an inexpensive track and front tube guide are usually all that is required to convert the feeder to feed a new component package.