Tube Feeders Inc.

"Quick Change" Vibratory Feeder

The Linear Vibratory Feeder, when combined with Generic Tracks, results in vibratory component feeders that are very versatile, reliable, and economical. When combined with Machined Tracks, versatility is still maintained with the "Quick Change" track feature. Either type of track is ideal for use in high mix applications. 

Key Benefits


  • Versatility - with Generic Tracks "If you’ve got the tube you’ve got the tooling". Conversion to run a different component package is a simple task of cutting a pick-up pocket in the shipping tubes of the new product and mounting the tubes in the track. The mounted tubes can be refilled over and over simply by pouring components from full shipping tubes into the rear of the feed tubes. The snap on/off design of the Generic Tracks and the Machined Tracks allows quick and easy interchange of different track set-ups.
  • The Generic Tracks can hold any combination of tubes up to 2-3/4 inches wide. The Machined Tracks can hold up to 7 feed lanes of components (SOIC's).
  • The feeder can feed both surface mount and through-holecomponents.
  • Reliability - Full frequency and amplitude adjustment means the vibrator can be tuned to feed large and small components equally well. With Generic Tracks, because the tube acts as the track, there are no joints in the track, thus eliminating a source of jams in vibratory feeders with machined tracks. Three tube clamps ensure the tubes are securely located resulting in the component being presented at the pick point with a high degree of repeatability.
  • Economy - The combination of a Linear Vibratory Feeder and Generic Track only costs around $1,500.
  • The Generic Tracks are not made obsolete by product changes, and downtime while waiting for new tooling is eliminated.

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