Tube Feeders Inc.

Horizontal Stacked Tube Feeder

The Horizontal Stacked Tube Feeders (HTFs) are high volume, high speed component feeding systems that are capable of feeding a variety of components, ranging from SMT devices to odd-form components. They feed components directly from the shipping magazines/tubes, or from in-process handling tubes. The tubes are stacked in the feeder horizontally. The components are pushed out of the bottom tube and to the pickup point by a pusher tape. HTFs automatically eject the empty tube and index the next tube into the feeding position. 

Key Benefits


  • Ideal for feeding a wide variety of component packages .
  • Dispenses components from their shipping tubes.
  • Continuous feeding. Automatically changes tubes when one becomes empty.
  • Handles a large inventory of components. Full tubes of components can be added to the top of the stack at any time.
  • Ideal for use with components that can not be gravity fed because they are unstable for gravity feeding.
  • Short cycle time ensures fast pick and place.
  • Your investment in feeders is protected from obsolescence. Whenever your product design changes or new products are developed, feeders can be inexpensively converted by Tube Feeders Inc. to feed the new component.
  • Control and communication by Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Intuitive, informative Touch Screen Display panel provides all control functions for the operator and complete troubleshooting functions for maintenance or machine repair.

Host Machines