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Reject Parts Conveyor

The purpose of a Reject Parts Conveyor (RPC) is to provide a way to transport components that a placement machine’s vision system has determined to be defective, out of the work envelope and to an operator without damaging the component. The common practice on placement machines that do not have an RPC is to drop defective components into a receptacle, perhaps causing irreparable damage to an expensive component that could otherwise have been easily salvaged. 


  • When the placement machine vision system detects a defective component, the machine places it on one end of the RPC conveyor belt.  The RPC then conveys the defective component away from the set down position. Because the RPC belt is fairly long, it can hold quite a few defective components before the first one reaches the operator end of the conveyor.
  • At any time, the operator can run the conveyor and empty the belt, without the operation of the placement machine being halted.
  • The RPCs pay for themselves quickly by allowing expensive electronic components to be salvaged.
  • Conveyors are available for many placement machines, and attach directly to the placement machine's feeder mount.

Host Machines

Siemens     Universal